Multigrain Sathu Nuts Ladoo

Multigrain Sathu nuts ladoo is the healthiest ladoo I have eaten ever. I learnt this from one of my friends. Thank you Priyanka for the wonderful healthy recipe.

This includes all the nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, chironji, raisins, fig, dry dates.  Almond is rich in calcium, Cashew is rich in iron and has unsaturated fat, walnut is rich in omega-3-fats & antioxidants, pistachios is rich in antioxidants, low in calories and helps in lowering blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and chironji is loaded with vitamins.

The fig, dry dates, raisins in the ladoo gives it natural sweetness. Fig and dry dates are rich in iron, magnesium, raisin is rich in iron,  B complex vitamins, Every single ingredient in the ladoo has its own secret healthy ingredient and this ladoo is packed with lot of nutrients.

The original recipe calls for wheat flour but I have replaced it with homemade sprouted multigrain flour. Multigrain flour is also loaded with nutirents.

Also instead of white sugar, I have added cane sugar to make it more healthy. You can use white sugar powder as well. Or we can use jaggery powder or palm sugar.

The edible gum or gond in the recipe increases the body temperature. So it helps in relieving the leg pain and joint pain. Apart from the health benefit, it also gives a crunchy feel to the ladoo.  Makhana is high in fiber and low in calories.

And finally the binding agent is ghee, i have used desi homemade cow ghee which is very healthy.

I learnt and made these ladoos at home and it is a superhit in my family. Krish loved it a lot and without any pressure he himself started eating these ladoos. Also my parents and grandparents loved these ladoos. These ladoos are not available in the market. Though it is available, it costs around 50 rupees for a ladoo. So do make this healthy ladoo at home and enjoy with your family.


Ghee – Around 400 ml

Almonds – 100 g

Cashews – 100 g

Walnuts – 100 g

Pistachios – 100 g

Raisins – 100 g

Dry dates- 100 g (not included)

Fig – 50 g (not included)

Lotus seeds (Makhana) – 50 g

Chironji (Saara paruppu)- 50 g

Edible gum (Gond) – 100 g

Sprouted multigrain flour – 200 g

Cane sugar – 2 cups

Dry ginger powder – As req

Pepper powder – As req


To roast the nuts

  • Take a heavy bottomed kadai and add around 2 tbsp of ghee.

  • Add cashews, walnuts, pistachios, almonds and roast them until they turn light brown in colour.


  • Transfer it to a plate and allow it to cool.
  • Once it cools down, grind it to a powder.


To roast sticky ingredients

  • Add 2 tbsp of ghee and add the raisins or dry grapes or kish-mish.

  • Roast until it bulges well.
  • If you are going to include dry dates and fig, you can roast them one by one at this stage. In the video I have not added these two ingredients.
  • Transfer all the three ingredients to a plate, allow it to cool down.
  • Later we can grind everything together. These ingredients gives natural sweetness to the ladoos.

To roast Makhana or Lotus seeds

  • Add ghee in a kadai and roast the lotus seeds.

  • The lotus seeds or makhana should be roasted well. Else it cannot be grinded well.
  • Once they turn golden brown, transfer it to a plate, allow it to cool and grind it separately. You can also crush it with a potato masher instead of grinding it in a mixie.

To roast Chironji (Saara paruppu)

  • Add ghee and roast the chironji for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Keep it aside in aplate.
  • There is no need to grind this. It can be added directly.

To roast Edible gum (Gond)

  • While roasting the edible gum, extra care should be taken.
  • Add ghee in a kadai, abd add edible gum in batches.
  • Once you start roasting it will pop up like a popcorn. This gives a crunchy feel to the ladoo.

  • If it is not roasted properly, it will stick to the teeth. So roast it well. Keep it in a plate.
  • Mash it with a potato masher. Donot grind it in a mixie.

To roast Sprouted multigrain flour

  • Add 2 tbsp of ghee and add sprouted multigrain flour.

  • The flour should be roasted well until you get a nice aroma and the colour changes from light shade to dark shade.
  • Keep it aside in a plate. If required, before making ladoos we can sieve the flour. Else it can also be added without sieving.

Final Steps

  • Once the above steps gets over, add all the ingredients into a big vessel. Mix it well.
  • Check the sweetness after mixing it well.
  • Then add the cane sugar/ Sugar powder/ jaggery powder. Donot add too much of these artificial sweetneers.

  • For the spicyness, add dry ginger powder, pepper powder.

  • Mix everything together well and shape it into a equal sized balls.
  • If you are not able to shape it, heat ghee and add it to the mixture and shape it to uniform sized balls.

  • Store it in an air tight container. The shelf life of the ladoo will be two months.

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