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Multigrain Sathu Nuts Ladoo

Multigrain Sathu nuts ladoo is the healthiest ladoo I have eaten ever. I learnt this from one of my friends. Thank you Priyanka for the wonderful healthy recipe. This includes all the nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, chironji, raisins, fig, dry dates.  Almond is rich in calcium, Cashew is rich in iron and has …


Raw jackfruit Dum Biriyani

Biriyani is a mouth watering rice dish that is cooked either with meat or vegetables. There are so many varities of biriyani and one of the popular variety is Dum biriyani. It is a popular cuisine from Hyderabad. In this the dish is cooked on slow fire or dum for an aromatic flavour or fragrance.  …

South Indian gravy

Masaal – Side dish for Chappathi and Puri

Masaal is a very good side dish for and Chappathi and puri. It is a famous South-Indian gravy. The restaurants in Tamilnadu will add tomatoes in the masaal and it gives a different taste to it. But my amma and Paati makes it without tomatoes and it is a hit in our family. My brother …

Podi / Powders

Karuvepillai podi

Curry Leaves powder or karivepillai podi is a dry version of the curry leaves thogayal.It can be stored for a longer period and it is easy to carry when you are travelling. Karuvepillai=Karu+ Vepillai…. this leaves act as a vepillai to uterus and helps to get rid of irregular periods. It is rich in iron. So …

North Indian gravy Restaurant style north indian curries

Dum Aloo- Restaurant style

Dum aloo is one of my favourite North Indian gravies.  There are so many versions of Dum aloo.  This is the restaurant style rich, creamy Dum aloo that tastes exactly like the restaurant one. Once you have made the white gravy base and red gravy base then it is very easy to  make this gravy.   INGREDIENTS Baby potatoes- …

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