Thank you everybody!!

Hello everybody!!! Hope you all have started to enjoy my videos. I started it for fun. But in the last one week, I got a lot of feedback & appreciation from my friends, cousins, other group members, and from my mom’s friends & colleagues. It started from my parents. Immediately after I posted my first video, they gave me words of encouragement and lot of ideas. And then my brother who is having a very busy schedule, took time to watch my videos and told”Akka, u do like this and cut those portions”. I cannot forget my dear cousins and my husband’s cousins who personally took interest and voluntarily gave me a lot of ideas. My mom’s friends- what can I say about them?? Whenever I post something or share the photos with my mom, they will either drop me a voice message or even make a call and encourage me. I am writing this post, after hearing from them. I thank all the aunties for your lovely feedback. It means a lot to me. There is another person who supports me and waits patiently to eat until I finish taking all the photos. And now he helps in video recording too. He is none other than my dear husband. Last but not the least, my dear followers of superduperkitchen, I would like to hear more from you….
Once again thank you all !!
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