Diwali legiyam

The humble lehiyam is an age-old cure for Diwali excesses. Diwali is the festival of lights, is always accompanied by an abundance of sweets.Irrespective of whether you are a fitness freak or calorie- conscious person, abuse of the stomach is the order of the day.It helps in curing indigestion. This can also be used on other days after having a grand feast. It is a very good medicine.



Carom (omam)-50gm

Cumin seeds(Jeera)-20gm

Pepper(Milagu)-5 to 10 gm



Long pepper(kandathipilli)- 5gm

Ginger(Inji)- 25gm


Ghee(Nei)- 1tbsp

Honey(Thaen)- 1tbsp

  • Dry roast the spices and powder it.
  • Extract the juice out of ginger.
  • Mix the juice with jaggery and make thick syrup(paagu) with one string consistency.
  • Add spices powder, ghee, honey to the jaggery syrup.
  • After a minute, take it off and make it to cool.

Easy method

Readymade diwali legiyam powder is available in the shops.  Instead of dry roasting and grinding the spice powder you can use this.

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