Happy Parents ‘Day

Happy Parents day to my dear Amma(N.P.Bhageerathy),  Appa(S.Sankaranarayanan)  and all the parents in the world who celebrate this day.. Parents’ day is held on the fourth Sunday of July. This day is observed in United States of America. Though I am from India, I feel there is nothing wrong in wishing someone if it makes them happy. So when I wished them this morning they felt happy and surprised. I would like to add few lines about my parents.


First of all I am very proud to be their child. From the day I was born, they started sacrificing their life for me. And when my younger brother was born, they have completely committed their life in nurturing their children. They are not a kind of parents who pamper their children always. They love us, care for us, at the same time will warn us if we are not in the right path. I have not heard them saying to anybody that we are the best and our children will not commit any mistake. Always they will listen patiently to others and will act accordingly. When I see them in that situation I remember the famous phrase by Nakkirar” Netrikkannai thirappinum kutram kutramae” which means even if the God commits mistake it is punishable.

Listening to one ‘Hello’ over phone, they will find whether we are sad, happy, dull or excited. Nobody else in this world can replace you or share your position amma and appa. Though we lived in a small town, we both didn’t miss anything in life. You gave us all that you can and those are the Golden days in my life.

Only the parents will understand the true feelings of a child. They smile when we are happy, they cry when we cry, they feel proud when we get success and will be there to support us when we fall. You have asked us to act differently in different situations – to be bold or to be calm or to be patient and also to keep mum sometimes.  You have given me the best gift- “My brother”.  Amma and Appa, thank you both for being by our side always. And I thank God once again for giving you both and I ask him to give you both a good health, peace and happiness in life always.

Happy Parents’ Day!!!!

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