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Sooji Roti

Rava Roti or Sooji Roti is completely a different recipe for me. Usually we make upma, idli and dosai out of semolina. I came across this recipe in a cookbook and want to give a try. The recipe tasted different and it can be made in a jiffy. I loved this recipe and ‘K’ too. …


Sunshine Award

I was nominated for the “Sunshine Award” by Aishwarya from My Kitchen Moments.  This is my first award and I feel honoured and thank Aishwarya for nominating me. When I started to write my blog in Dec ’12, I was not very serious. But later due to the encouragement of my  family members, relatives,  fellow bloggers …

South Indian gravy

Kathirikkai rasavangi

   Rasavangi is very similar to arachuvitta sambar. They differ in the ingredients used for roasting and grinding. Whenever we buy the eggplant(brinjal) at home, my thatha(grandpa) will ask to make rasavangi. It is through him I came to know about this recipe.  But this is the first time I made this at home. It …

Parathas and rotis

Mixed Veg Paratha

Mixed Veg paratha is a healthy, tasty tiffin that donot need any side dish. Making sambar, rasam and curry daily is boresome. So  I want to make something different for our dinner. Since I had a lot of vegetables at home, veg kurma and roti is the best option. But I felt something that is …


Gobi Manchurian

Manchurian is the name pertaining to the large geographical area in North east Asia. It is called as Manchuria and the people as manchurians.  Also it was beleived that many years ago people from China lived in Kolkata for a century. And they introduced Chinese cooking techniques in some recipes and it was named as  Indo – …

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