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‘Open Sesame’ is a famous phrase in the movie Alibaba and forty thieves. Yes!! It bursts open when it attains maturity. They are available in two colours -white and black. In Hindu mythology, the black seeds represent Lord Sani(Saturn). They are rich in iron, magnesium and has anti-cancer properties.  Adding jaggery to it makes it more rich in iron. They are used to extract oil. Next to ghee, they are more auspicious in lighting lamps.



Sesame seeds –  1 ladle

Jaggery – 3/4 ladle

  • Roast the sesame seeds in a pan. Cover it with a plate since it bursts out from the pan.
  • Once it starts producing sizzling sound, turn off the stove. Allow it to cool.
  • Now grind the roasted sesame seeds along with the jaggery.
  • You can serve it as a powder or it can be made into balls.
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