Meyer Lemon salted pickle

This is a different recipe I learnt from my grand mom and my mom. I should thank my neighbour for giving us meyer lemon(A variety of lemon) everytime it ripens in their house.  So with that my grandma started making salted meyer lemons out of it. It is my grandpa’s favourite and he have this with curd rice. And my mom makes pachadi using the salted meyer lemons.



Citron-1 cup

Salt – 1/5th cup

  • Wash and cut the citrons.
  • In an air-tight container, add one layer of citron. Above that add one layer of salt. Repeat this with until you finsh layering the citrons and salt.
  • Leave this for about two weeks.
  • Meanwhile, every day just shake the container well to make the citrons get mixed with the salt.

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