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Cheese-bread sandwich

Cheese and bread are usually the favourite among the kids. Usually my appa makes yummy bread-jam-butter for our family. He also makes toasted bread for us. He does it with patiently by applying butter on one slice, jam on the other and making it a sandwich. Though it is a very simple one, the love with which he makes it a very special dish for us. And this time, I want to make this for him and my family. My brother bought the red chilli and pepper cheese which has its unique taste than the normal one. And i made this at home for the breakfast. it was tasty and filling. You can also add your favourite veggies in the sandwich.



Bread – 1 loaf

Red chilli cheese – 1 pkt

Pepper cheese – 1 pkt

Ghee – To toast

Cilantro – few

  • Grate the red chilli cheese and pepper cheese and mix them together.
  • Apply bread one one side of the bread and toast it in medium heat on a skillet.


  • Now add the grated cheese on the top of it.
  • By the time it gets toasted on oneside, the cheese gets melted.


  • Add chopped cilantro in the centre.
  • Similarly do it with the other slice of bread and place it over the first slice with the toasted side of the bread outside.
  • Your cheese bread sandwich is ready.


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