Mor milagai

Mor milagai are the sun dried green chillies after being soaked in the buttermilk and salt. Whenever my grandpa finds a long green chillies in the market, he will get a kilo or two and ask my grandma or mom to make this. This is one the favourites for my grandpa and my brother. The process starts with slitting the chillies lengthwise and ends with deep frying. Though everyone likes to have it after being fried, you can also have it when the chillies have turned white. You can really enjoy the sour, salty and spicy taste of the recipe at this stage. This is a very easy and simple recipe that goes best with curd rice.



Long green chillies – 1 kg

Sour buttermilk- To soak the chillies

Salt – 1/2 cup

  • Wash and slit the green chillies lengthwise.
  • Keep it in the sun for a day and put it into a container.


  • To this add the sour buttermilk and the salt.
  • During the day time toss the container in which we have soaked the chillies.
  • Take the chillies out of the vessel by draining the buttermilk and spread it on a plate. Keep it under the sun.
  • In the evening again soak the chillies in the buttermilk.


  • Repeat this until the colour of the chillies turn from green to white.
  • Once it has turned white, there is no need to soak it in buttermilk.


  • You have to dry it by keeping it under the sun.
  • Once it is completely dry, store it in a container.


  • Deep fry and serve it with curd rice.


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