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North Indian gravy Poriyal/Kootu

Stuffed karela

Karela or Bitter gourd or Bitter melon is a vegetable which most of them hate due to its bitterness. But the stuffed karelas are devoid of bitterness and people who hate bitter melons will also like this recipe. Though you can make this in normal bitter gourds available, it can be made best with the …

Medicinal and Nutritional value

Medicinal value of Cumin seeds

Siddha Medicine is  the oldest, safest and the natural remedy associated with tamil speaking people in India.  In is mentioned in the books that this medicine was given by the God to Lord Muruga and he gave the knowledge about this to Agathiyar.  He is considered as the guru of all the Siddhars. He along …

Biriyani- Pulao varieties

Fried Rice

Fried rice is a recipe in which the steamed rice is stir fried in a pan after mixing with either eggs, meat or vegetables. I learnt this recipe from one of my friends. Usually for biriyani and pulao we cook the vegetables and rice together. But for the fried rice, we pressure cook the rice …



Diwali, like many other festivals has many stories and reasons backing its celebrations. The most popular one is the return of Lord Rama with his queen Sita and brother Lakshman from their 14 year exile after vanquishing Ravana. The other reasons are to commemorate the marriage of Goddess Lakshmi with Lord Vishnu, killing of Narakasura …


Badham Halwa

Badham Halwa is a rich dessert that does not require too much of ingredits. Also the method of preparing it is very easy. But a lot of patience is required to peel off the skin. Since I soaked the alomonds only for two hours, it took me an hour to peel them off. When I …



Gajrela is a popular Punjabi dessert which is also called as Ghajar ka Halwa. It is a rich Indian dessert made with fresh carrots, milk, butter, sugar and nuts.  When I visited my sister’s place once, my brother in law made this sweet and it was mouthwatering. From then on, I wished to make this …

South Indian gravy

Ishtu (Vegetable stew)

Ishtu is a stew made out of different colourful vegetables. I used potatoes, carrot, beans and green peas to make this stew. It is a recipe from Kerala. It goes best with Aapam and idiyappam. I came to know about this recipe through one of our family friends.  It can also be served along with roti. …

Snacks / Chaat

Ring murukku

       Ring murukku is always a tempting savoury for me because of its shape. There are a lot of method of making this recipe.  When I visited my sister in laws blog  made this without using moong dhal. Adjusting the flame helps in getting a crispy murukku. INGREDIENTS Rice flour – 1 cup Urad …

Biriyani- Pulao varieties

Spicy Peas pulao

Green peas pulao with grated cheese is quickly prepared, quickly eaten nutritious recipe. It is a favourite kiddie food and has a right balance of spices. Though I have posted the recipe for peas pulao in my earlier post, this is completely different from that.  ‘K’ and I liked this version a lot…  Also it is …

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