Teacher’s day special

      When I started my school, I remember the very first day in kindergarten. I was not happy to be there.  I was crying….crying…. and crying. But Rosy mam, you seeded the interest in me by showering your love. I just cant forget you in my life.  

      Days passed by, and there are many teachers from my first to twelfth. I thank each one of you. Then came my college life and I want to mention about my project guide -Dr.B. Lakshman Kumar. Sir, you are not only my guide, by you supported me in every single way. Thank you Sir!!!

      Then my dear Ammayee (Biology teacher),. Rather than to say you are my teacher, you are my aunt and next to my mom. What kind of love you shower on me. Completely unconditional. Love you Ammayee <3 <3 .

       Finally Mr. M.Somasekharan Nair. Nair sir, what to say about you! Though you are not my direct teacher, you taught me an important thing -LIFE.  You gave me the strength and courage to face everything boldly. You taught me to treat the success and failure the same. Its because of your encouragement and guidance, I am ready to face tomorrow’s challenges. Any amount of thanks wouldn’t be enough.

        Here is a treat that I made for my Nair Sir and Alphonsa miss (Ammayee)…                                                                                                                                                                                                            Happy teacher’s day!!!!


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