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Raita is an Indian salad or side dish made with yoghurt and chopped vegetables of your choice. Pachadi is the South-indian variation of raita. Every Indian family would like to have curd either plain or in the form of raita or as lassi. Raita goes best with roti and any variety rice, pulav, fried rice …


Apple jalebi/ Apple fritters

Apple jalebi is the new version of normal jalebis. For my grany’s birthday, I want to try something new. Always I am fond of jalebis than jaangiris. So, I was about to make that. But my dad bought a lot of apples. And I said everybody that I am going to make jalebis with apple. …

Sweets Tiffin

Oats porridge

     Oat meal or oat bran are rich source of fibres. They help in reducing bad cholesterol(LDL) without reducing the good cholesterol(HDL). Oats like other grains and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals and fight against carcinogens. Daily serving of whole oats will lowers hypertension and helps in reducing weight.  Due to the presence of …


Lemon rasam

Rasam is  basically South Indian soup, that takes a main part in their feast. There are many varieties of rasam and most of them have tamarind extract as their main item. But lemon rasam is something exceptioal, that is made without tamarind. The preparation of this rasam is quite different and very easy. You also …


Kaju balls

         Kaju balls/ Kaju katli is made from cashews, sugar, ghee.  It differs from kaju burfi in two ways. Kaju burfi contains milk powder or milk but kaju katli is made without milk. Also the shelf life of kaju katli is more than that of the burfi. My mom makes this in …


Teacher’s day special

      When I started my school, I remember the very first day in kindergarten. I was not happy to be there.  I was crying….crying…. and crying. But Rosy mam, you seeded the interest in me by showering your love. I just cant forget you in my life.         Days passed …


Rice flour roti

Rice flour roti as the name indicates, is made of rice flour instead of wheat flour. I was bored of eating idli, dosa and chappathi. I wonna try something new and landed up with this recipe. The process of making the dough is slightly different and this is the main step. Once this is made …


Chenai Mezhukkuperatti

Elephant yam is an edible tuber, that is consumed mostly in the tropical regions. The name elephant yam is due to the reason that it resembles the foot of the elephant to a great extent. They are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. The antioxidants in it make it very nutritious. They help in reducing …

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