Chambakka/ Rose Water Apples

Chambakka, a bell shaped fruit is also known as rose apple, water apple, bell fruit, wax apple, love apple, java apple, mountain Apple, or wax jambu. It is a tropical tree with white flowers and bell shaped edible berry. The colour of the fruit may be white, pale green, rose and crimson. The ripened fruit is red in colour.



Despite its name, rose apple resembles apple only on the outside in colour. It doesn’t tastes like an apple and neither has its fragrance nor the density of an apple. Its flavour is similar to snow pear and the liquid to flesh ratio is comparable to that of watermelon.


We have this tree in our backyard. We got the sapling from one of our family friends. He makes garland out of this fruit. It blossoms in summer. Though at first we were not able to find the name of the fruit, later we found that it is chambakka. I enjoy to see the tree with its red colour fruits. I spent a lot of time in taking snaps bacause it is a priceless moment that I didnot want to lose.


Medicinal effects

  •      Rose Water apple fruit can help with diabetes, piles, diarrhea, sterility in females, dysentery and liver problems.
  •       Rose apple fruit affects the pancreas in diabetics and acts as a block against the conversion of starch into sugar.
  •        Rose Apple are usually loaded with vitamin C and also fiber, a substance which has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels.
  •        The fruit is recognized as a tonic for the brain and also liver. An infusion of the fruit behaves as a diuretic.


  •       A syrupy preparation of the flowers is considered to lessen a fever. The leaf decoction is used to sore eyes, additionally functions as a diuretic and also expectorant and cure for rheumatism.
  •       The juice of macerated leaves is taken like a febrifuge. Powdered leaves have already been applied on the bodies of smallpox sufferers for the chilling result.
  •        The seeds have a glucose in them called jamboline that can be dried and turned into a powder; this powder can be added to water three to four times a day to help reduce sugar in the urine.
  • They have oleonic acid that act as an anti HIV agent.
  • Rose Apple has shown to prevent the development of prostrate and breast cancer.
  • I just found out these health benefits, now I have all the more reasons to use it for cooking


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16 Responses

  1. In West Bengal this fruit is well available but in white variant. I’ve seen only white coloured variant of this fruit which is called as JAMRUL in Bengali. As I like this fruit very much I planted it at my small back yard and that tree is giving fruit from last season. Initially it gave 5 fruits and second time it gave around 60 fruits some of which I used for puja and distribution to neighbours. I’m waiting for next crop…it is really delicious and amazing to get from own tree.

  2. I have been searching everywhere, where would one find out how to make the brain tonic… I am very interested

  3. Niranjana,

    This Plant is available in my home in Kerala. The fruit is pink-colour and it will become blood-red and sweet when fully ripened,

    We used to prepare Juice, Pickles, and Wine.

    There is another type of Champakka called Panineer Champakka, the taste is entirely different,

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