Manathakkali is known as black nightshade in english. Its leaves are used to treat digestive disorders and stomach disorders like peptic ulcers and colitis.the infusion is used to treat dysentry and other stomach ailments. The fruits or berries are beneficial in treating asthma and  in reducing fever.

     Sundakkai is known as turkey berry in English. The sundakkai vathal also has diuretic properties, used in bowel complaints and for reducing fever.
” In the Middle East, a sour drink is made from them to relieve stomach upsets.

Manathakkali/Sundakkai vathal which is made  as follows.                           Mix  manathakkali or Sundakkai with curd and salt. Allow it to dry in the sun for a week or till it become dry. It can be stored in a container. It is used as a balanced diet after delivery. It can be fried with ghee and mixed with rice. Make both vathals separately.

      Ooooh!!! I have given a very long description about Turkey berry and black nightshade. Now let us make a gravy out of this.



Manathakkali vathal/Sundakkai vathal – 1 tbsp

Tamarind- Lemon size

Turmeric powder-1tsp

Rasam powder-2tsp

Salt- To taste

For tempering

Mustard- 1tsp

Toor dhal- 1 tsp

Channa dhal-1tsp

Urad dhal-1tsp

Red chilli- 2 or 3

Gingelley oil- As required

  • Take the tamarind, add boiling water (Almost a cup) to extract the juice.
  • Heat the pan and add oil. Now add the mustard. Once it sputters, add the toor dhal, urad dhal, channa dhal. Saute it until it turns golden browen.
  • Now add the manathakkali vathal or Sundakkai vathal and saute it for one to two minutes.
  • Add tamarind juice, turmeric powder, salt, rasam powder and mix well.
  • Allow it to boil until you get the right consistency. It should not be too thick or too watery.
  • It goes very well with rice, Dosa, Pongal .


Note: If you find it too watery, add 1 tsp of rice flour into it and mix well without forming any lumps.

You can also use green chillies if you like its flavour.


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