Thakkali Carrot Thayir pachadi

Thayir pachadi is an important item on a sadhg but vegetables in curd. There are different types of pachadi and this is one of my favourite pachadi that my mom makes at home. It is the best accompaniment for paruppu vadai.



Curd- 1 cup

Coconut- few pieces

Tomato- 1

Carrot- 1/2

Cilantro- Few

Green chilli- 1

Salt- To taste

For Seasoning

Mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp

Curry leaves- few

  • Wash and chop the tomatoes.
  • Split the carrot into two halves. Grate one half and chop the other half.
  • Grind the coconut, tomatoes, chopped carrot, green chilli, half the curry leaves.
  • In a pan, add oil and splutter mustard seeds. Once they crack, add the curry leaves.
  • Finely add the chopped coriander.
  • Mix it with the curd before serving.
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Kosumalli is a healthy easy salad that is included in every Kannadian’s house during festive days. This is made on Rama navami and offered to the Lord.



     Moong dhal-1 cup



Unripened mango-1/2

Coconut- 4tbsp

Green chilli-1

Lemon juice-1tsp

Coriander- 4 tbsp chopped

Salt- As required

     For Seasoning

Oil-1 tsp

Mustard -1 tsp

  • Soak the moong dhal in water for half an hour.
  • Drain the water.
  • Grate the carrot, cucumber and mango. Also qchop the green chilli into small discs.
  • Mix it with the moong dhal.
  • Add the grated coconut, salt, lemon juice.
  • Finally season it with mustard seeds and garnish with coriander.
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