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Thiruvathirai Kali

Thiruvaathirai is a hindu festival celebrated in Kerala and tamilnadu in the month of Dhanu or Margazhi( mid Dec- mid June). Aardhra dharisanam in Tamilnadu corresponds with thiruvaathirai in Kerala. Both are related to Lord Shiva. On this day we make a sweet with raw rice and jaggery. INGREDIENTS Raw rice- 1 cup Moong dhal – 2 tbsp Jaggery –...

Arisi thengai payasam

Arisi thengai payasam is a traditional payasam made in Brahmin houses. It is one of my favourite payasams made at home. Arisi thengai payasam is called as Rice coconut pudding in english. It is made with rice, coconut and jaggery. This is easy to make and can be made in no time. We offer it to god as prasadh or...


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