Blog’s first anniversary

If you are following my blog, then you will note that today is something special. Yeah it was exactly this day an year ago I started to share my recipes with the world.So today it is my blog’s first anniversary. Its like a dream that I have survived an year in blogging. Rather than to say that I have posted my recipes, I would like to say its been an interesting learning process for the past one year. Its because of blogging, I started learning new recipes. Everytime I post something, I will say to myself that this is not the end and here starts your next project. I will start asking  to myself “what next! what next! what next!”. Its amazing to get connected with people around the world. I would like to thank my fellow bloggers and followers for encouraging and following my blog. I would also like to thank each one of you who have visited my blog and I hope you will keep visiting.

On this day, along with the cake I made for this occasion, I would like to bring you the link of the recipes that brought traffic to my blog. Thank you once again!!!Image

Eggless Chocolate cake

Baby potatoes fry

Mirchi bajji


Tomato rice

Tricolour rice

Mor Kootaan

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2 thoughts on “Blog’s first anniversary”

  1. Hi Niranjana

    I have been following ur blog for the last couple of months and to say the least u are doing an excellent job.  My congrats to u for having completed one year of ur blogging site. Continue experimenting with various dishes and there is no end to this subject as every day u will ex- plore a new recipe.

    Wishing you all the best in ur endeavour,T K Ranganathan

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